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A final journey to remember.

A final journey to remember.

Specialising in alternative funeral transport for those who shared a passion for automotive and motorsport. 

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About Us

 When planning a funeral, it's often viewed as a time to celebrate a passed one's life, to recall fond memories, achievements, aspirations and legacies left behind to cherish. For many, this means choosing a method of transport that might reflect the persons interests, passion or personality.

As a family run business with a passion for automotive, we are experienced providers of alternative funeral vehicles and take humbled privilege and great care in providing such transport options.

We offer a nation-wide service and are happy to work with your chosen Funeral Directors to ensure a seamless experience. To find out more or make a booking then please contact us.

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Our Vehicles

We are currently the only provider in the country of a Subaru Impreza WRX hearse, adorned with the famous '555 WRC' graphics and the unmistakable flat four rumble. The vehicle pays true homage to not just Rallying, or even Subarus WRC glory days, but stands as a true icon in automotive history, representing motorsport passion at the highest level.  

Our Subaru was carefully restored and professionally converted in 2019 and caters for a range of coffin sizes. Although space is limited, a small floral tribute can be housed to one side or directly on the coffin lid.

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Coming Soon

This year will see an expansion to our fleet with the addition of our newly converted Mini Clubman.


Much like the Subaru, Mini's have become an icon in the motoring world, adored by many and loved by all. Wether it be a reminder of the swinging 60's, a historic rally icon, the 'Italian Job' film star, or perhaps it was simply the first car many of us owned which gave us so much freedom. Whatever the reason, Mini's offer a loving connection to adoring fans all over the world and can offer a fitting tribute for that final journey.


To find out more, please contact us here.  

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